Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Craig's Blog -- It does a body good

What's up everyone? Sorry that I haven't written in a while, but there are reasons for that. First, last week was really boring, and I didn't do anything until the weekend. Second, I usually write this at work, but I have been very busy recently. I have had apsolutley no time, and my bosses were spying on me (makin' sure I'm workin'!!). Another reason that I haven't written is that my computer is friggin BROKEN!!! I don't know what is going on, but my wireless network card is FUBR. The plastic cover broke a long time ago, so I have had a giant computer chip with exposed wires, transistors, etc sticking out the side of my laptop. It still worked (until last tuesday, that is...) but last week I was surfing the internet, and explorer froze. I 'ctl-alt-del' to no avail. The program just wouldn't close, so I completely restarted the computer, and from then on, it never even recognized the wireless card.

Anyways... On Friday I had a cookout at my apartment. It was fun, but not many people showed up. We all ate burgers, steaks (from Fumi-san), and chedderwursts, and drank Corona's. Saturday, Yuka and I were pretty lazy during the day, then went to see X-Men 3. It was great, but I liked the first 2 better. After that we ate at Saigon, then went to Fumi's apartment. We watched a movie (Troy) there, and almost fell asleep. Sunday, Yuka, Takashi, and I went to my cabin. My dad brought out his boat, so we hung out all day fishing -- Takashi got a really bad sunburn. Hahaha. Monday I had no work (I love being paid for doing nothing!!), so Yuka, Takashi and I went downtown. We ate at Billy Frog's in the Old Market, then walked in the park. It was fun, but really humid. Everyone returned to my apartment, but we were all sooo tired that we didn't do anything. I read a book, Takashi read manga, and Yuka slept.

Tonight I might go swiming. Yay!!


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Livin' La Vida Loca

I didn't do much yesterday, and I think I will do even less today. Yesterday, I worked until about 4:45, then picked Yuka up from her work. We went to Best Buy to pick up the new "Deadwood" DVD. It's season 2 in the town from hell. Everybody has an angle in the show, they all want something. I also like the way they talk: it's like modern Shakespeare, with a ton of cussing. After I bought that ($65 - down from $100), we went to my apartment. I watched the DVD, but Yuka fell asleep. Later I made tacos - really good - and then watched some more TV until it was late. That's really about it.... but I was able to take some time off later this summer so I can go to the cabin (let me know if anyone wants to go!!). I think my life will be uneventful until Friday!!


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Buttwiper -- King of Rears

Yesterday was a pretty good day. In the morning I got a call from my mom about new vaccine study being done by Meridian. Basically you let them give you a bunch of shots and take your temperature every day for a while. Sounds bad, right? Not when you find out they pay $1700 for this study! Unfortunately I need to go to the office on Thursday, so I will probably miss work at the restaurant. Oh well... It should be worth it.

Yesterday I had more crap at work. Another student (actually the wife) was unhappy about something. The student ever actually told me the important information that the wife was talking about, so I didn't know. Apparently she feels that I should read minds. It seems like these crazy people are piling up here at my work, recently. My boss had another crazy person that she was dealing with, too. Luckily I had nothing to do with this one.

After work I went to Yuka's apartment and hung out with her and Sumii-san. Later, we went grocery shopping. I was timing Yuka because we needed to get to another store before it closed. We actually made it in less than an hour, which is pretty good for us. We stopped at the asian food store, then back to Yuka's apartment. She made us dinner -- a really nice dish with Korean teriyaki flavored beef and veggies on top of rice. While she was cooking, I almost fell asleep watching TV.

Tonight I think I will make tacos for us. Should be good.

Here is another quote from Jack Handey. They always put me in a good mood.

A good way to threaten somebody is to light a stick of dynamite. Then you call the guy and hold the burning fuse up to the phone. "Hear that?" you say. "That's dynamite, baby."


Monday, May 22, 2006

Cats -- The Other, Other White Meat

Interesting, interesting weekend. On Friday, I worked during the day, then I picked Yuka up. We went to the bank to make a car payment (mine, not hers), and then to my apartment. I started to get really tired, so I took a nap. I really wasn't planning to, but I did anyway. We woke up kind of late, and we were going to the Florence Days Celebration, but Yuka and I decided to go to Korea King, instead. I had a bulgogi, which was really tasty, and Yuka ordered a spicy soup. I think it was too hot for her because she couldn't finish it. Afterwards we went to Yuka's apartment and hung out until Sumii-san called. A bunch of people were drinking at her place so we went. I guess there has been a bunch of drama going around about a couple of people (can't say their names & don't know exactly), and Sumii-san was kind of worked up. Yuka and I stayed just long enough to drink a couple of beers and tease Sumii-san for being sooooo short. Then we headed for home. At my apartment, we drank a couple of more beers and fell asleep.

Saturday: I woke up early and started laundry. Yuka was still sleeping, so I was going to surprise her with bagels. Unfortunately she woke up while I was getting ready, and I couldn't really leave without telling her. Not a surprise anymore.... but the bagels were good. After my clothes were finished washing and drying, we watched "X-Men 1" to get ready for the new movie coning this week. After it was finished we went to StarBucks for frostys (tasty!!) and then picked Takashi up. Our plan was to go to my parent's house, pick up some stuff, then walk to the festival. Yuka, Takashi, and I walked down the giant hill to the Celebration, only to find out it was closed. Apparently there was a fight between the Carnies and some gang members. It sounds kind of funny, doesn't it? The police shut everything down, and lots of people were really upset. The three of us were kind of bummed, and even more unhappy that we had to walk back up the giant hill.... Yuka had to rest on the way up (hehe). All of us returned to my apartment and drank beer again!! I took everyone back the their places, and came back to my own.

Sunday morning I worked at the restaurant. It was not very busy, but I had a lot of large parties. I made a little money, and went home. I cleaned my apartment (amazing how dirty it gets in only a couple of days!), and called Yuka. Everyone was at Coldstone, so I joined them and ate delicious ice cream. Later, we went to my apartment, and watched X-Men 2. I hope the third is as good as the first 2. Actually, it looks even better. This was a long update, and I am really tired. I will get back to everyone later......


Friday, May 19, 2006

The Original Just Got Better

Yesterday was a long and uneventful day. I went to work in the morning and did nothing there. In the afternoon, I got busy, then I had to go to a meeting. I wasn't actually able to finish my work by quittin' time. That's a first!! Everyting was completed by 9:00 this morning, though. I also found out that a guy who has been causing problems for our office is still out there starting trouble.

After work yesterday, I went home, changed, ate, and went to my other job.
The restaurant was really busy - there were about 8 parties that showed up with no reservations. I was in the party room wth a table of ladies who were celebrating a baby shower. This was one of the worst groups of people I have ever waited on. They weren't rude, or anything, but they were just not having a good time, even at a celebration. The reservation was for 20 people, but only 10 showed up. Then they waited around forever, playing games before ordering. When they played the game, no one was having fun. No laughing or joking. Nothing. It was terrible. After they finally ordered and I brought out the food, nobody spoke. They just ate. I would walk in the room, and no one would be talking. They finally left around 9, and I only made 20 bucks. It just a bad night.

Later I came home and talked to Yuka. I went to bed early, so that I wouldn't be tired today.
I still don't know if we are going to Florence Days tonight or tomorrow. Oh well... Either way I need to make a car payment before I do anything.

Oh yeah.... I forgot..... Seika is in Chicago right now.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Great Taste, Less Filling

I told you that I would try to keep this blog updated. So far so good! Two days down, countless more to go. I didn't really do anything yesterday, except work. After lunch I had a really long meeting. One of my co-workers kept asking toooo many questions, and the meeting just kept going on, and on, and on and on andonandon. It finally finished after 4 and I left at 4:30. By the time I got home from school it was already after 5. I only had a little time to eat and change for the restaurant. While I was getting ready, Seika came over with Megumi and Hiroko. They brought a ton of Chinese food from some place on 90th St. It looked really good, but I didn't have enough time to try it.

I went to work, and came back at around 10. Everyone was still there, and I guess they were having a "fasion show" where they try on all sort of different outfits. It was pretty funny. Later, Seika showed them the Shakira video, and they kept trying to move their hips and bellys like on hte screen. They were trying to not let me see, but it was still really funny.

I also gave Seika a middle name. Now her whole name is: "Seika Baba Arakawa". She couldn't remember my real middle name, so she called me "Aho".

Later I went to bed and tried to call Yuka, but she was busy. She wanted me to call later, but I needed to sleep. Hopefully I will have more time to talk to her today. Either way we will hang out tomorrow, so everyting will be alright.

I thought I would wind this spiel down with a quote from an all time favorite.... Jack Handey:

If I ever went to war, instead of throwing a hand grenade, I'd throw one of those small pumpkins. Then maybe my enemy would pick up the pumpkin and think about the futility of war. And that would give me the time I need to hit him with a real hand grenade.

Thats great!


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I'm Back (for good this time, I think)

Hey y'all

It has been sooooo long since I updated this. I thought I was done with it, but the evil thing drew me back. Damn it!! .... Oh well, hopefully I can make it last this time.

What have I been doing in the past 6 months, you ask?? Well I'll tell you... Working!! Thats it. I work everyday during the week from 8:00 to 5:00, except now I am in summer hours from 7:30 - 4:30. I also recently started at the restaurant again on Wednesday and Thursday nights, as well as Sunday morning. I am actually working all day today. The restaurant is cake, though. But sometimes I have to work late. Sucks! I am so busy now that I have no time to work out, and I am getting fat again (sorry Yuka!!).

Today I am working all day at UNO and the restaurant. Hopefully, I will finish around 9 or 10, but if I finish early I will work on my computer. I have had sooo many problems with it recently. It kept overheating, so I cleaned it out with a can of air. I also bought a chill mat for it (basically a tray with fans that you can set the computer on). The power cord has not been working well, so I ordered a new one. Still hasn't arrived, yet. Then, on Sunday I was trying to upload pictures from my digital camera, but I counldn't for some god-forsaken reason. I think it is either the cord or the software. I might have deleted the software accidently when I was trying to fix my computer. Oops! The strange thing is that I re-installed the software, and it still wouldn't work. I borrowed a new cord from Yuka, so hopefully it will be fixed in the end.

On Friday Yuka and I will go to the Florence Days Celebration. My parents live in an area of Omaha called Florence. It used to be its own, small town, but then Omaha annexed it. They have celebrated Florence Days for over 150 years (or so I heard). There are a bunch of booths with food, games, and rides. There is also a beer garden for adults like me. I used to go every year when I was a kid, but I havent really been to one in at least 8 years. I think last year I saw part of the parade because I was in that area, but I didn't actually get to do anything fun. Here is a link for those who want to know more:
The parade is on Saturday, and it finishes at 10 on Friday, so maybe I will go to a bar (Murphy's??) later. I think I will call Austin and see if he is free.

I will try to keep this updated as much as possible. Talk to everyone later!