Monday, February 06, 2006

At last....

I finally found a job. I will be working at UNO as an admissions counselor. If you want to pay state tuition, come talk to me. hehe. I should start next week, but I have to talk to Grisanti's first. Until then, I will study the information they gave me. Now I need to get ready. Buy new clothes, a calender, and a parking permit.

I also worked out today. It was the first day in a long time. I need to keep it up so that I loose my belly. It is hard to find pants my size now, but if I get any bigger, the size is impossible to find. hehe

Yuka's birthday is also next week (on Tuesday, i think). Tell her happy b-day. I think there will be a party for her on Friday. We haven't decided where yet, but it might be at my apartment.

Wish me luck on my new job. ;-)