Friday, October 12, 2007

I'm a Hero!

I saved the life of everyone in my office building yesterday. Yuka says I'm exaggerating, but its true - I saved everyone. I'm a hero. Yesterday, I was walking by the front counter on the way to take a much needed break, when the new girl at the office stopped me. She said, "Craig, you're good at computers. What should I do with this?" and she motioned to the floor under her desk. Looking down, I could see smoke rolling out of the power strip. It is one of those super-duper strips in black that look more like a black shoebox with holes on it. Smoke was pouring out of the plug holes.

I said "Oh, No!!!" and flipped the power switch. Quickly, I unplugged all of the wires running to the power strip, but I couldn't unplug the strip from the wall. The wire actually ran into the removable wall and around the corner. I got Andrew, the computer specialist, and together we took the desk apart and unplugged it. The power strip ended up in the trash can..... And that's how I saved everyone, (and by extension, the University!).

Other than that, my day was pretty boring.


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