Monday, October 08, 2007

The Chicago Trip is Set

I would have posted much sooner than this, but work kept me busy. In the past two weeks alone, I have visited all of the area high schools (about 20 in all) to talk with the counselors about a change in state law. I ended up driving over 200 miles of in-city, stop and go traffic. The good news is that I should get re-imbursed.

And....finally, after 3 days of heavy searching, including an additional 2 hours yesterday, we have finally purchased plane tickets and a hotel room for Chicago. Yuka and I will be leaving next Wednesday morning and will be returning on Saturday. It should be a great time. So far we have not planned anything out other than the tickets and hotel, but after looking at random tourist info, I really want to visit the Museum of Science and Industry and the Japanese market. I would also like to walk through the various "ethinic" areas of town, like Chinatown or Little Italy (keeping away from mafioso's!!). I will probably also look up the Sears Tower.


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