Friday, September 30, 2005

Back by Popular Demand....

Sorry that I haven't written in a while. I was going to stop writing because I didn't think anyone was reading, but several people have told me to continue. So I will. Another reason I havent written was because I moved. I was living in a small, dirty studio apartment, but now I am staying in a really nice apartment. Rent is actually cheaper, now that i have a roommate. I will post some pictures of my new apartment later.

Today I returned the keys to my old apartment. Later, I played tennis with Seika (my roommate). We are both really bad. After that, we went to rent a movie, and her friend/boyfriend called her. She left, and now i am watching a movie and drinking alone. Yuka and everyone else is helping the people from Shizuoka. Right now they are on a river boat. I talked to them and it sounds like they are having fun. My high school prom was on a boat, and it was a great time. I kind if wish i had gone tonight. Oh well...

Tina wrote me and gave me some pictures to post. She is a really fun person. This is me and her about a year ago. Isn't she cute?

I have also added my friend Kana's homepage to my links section. I will add Yuka's, too.... if she ever sends me the link ;-)