Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Weekly Incident of Injustice

Yesterday I was surfing the internet and ran across this story about a gay student in Florida. What surprised me was not the support of the town, but the initial reaction of the principal. A student came to him with a valid problem -- that other students are taunting her -- and the principal effectively told her she is evil. This is a person of power, who has been charged with the duty of educating young people. His personal opinions on the concept of homosexuality should have never entered into the equation. Whether he believes sexuality is a choice she is making, or something in her genetic makeup that makes her gay, neither point of view has any bearing on the education of students.

On the flip side of this, when the principal went on his "witch hunt" (really the most appropriate term for what happened), it sounds like he created a huge disruption in the school system. This would have an impact on education.

My favorite part of the whole article is the realization at the end. It is dawning to at least one member of the community that the world is changing....


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