Friday, May 19, 2006

The Original Just Got Better

Yesterday was a long and uneventful day. I went to work in the morning and did nothing there. In the afternoon, I got busy, then I had to go to a meeting. I wasn't actually able to finish my work by quittin' time. That's a first!! Everyting was completed by 9:00 this morning, though. I also found out that a guy who has been causing problems for our office is still out there starting trouble.

After work yesterday, I went home, changed, ate, and went to my other job.
The restaurant was really busy - there were about 8 parties that showed up with no reservations. I was in the party room wth a table of ladies who were celebrating a baby shower. This was one of the worst groups of people I have ever waited on. They weren't rude, or anything, but they were just not having a good time, even at a celebration. The reservation was for 20 people, but only 10 showed up. Then they waited around forever, playing games before ordering. When they played the game, no one was having fun. No laughing or joking. Nothing. It was terrible. After they finally ordered and I brought out the food, nobody spoke. They just ate. I would walk in the room, and no one would be talking. They finally left around 9, and I only made 20 bucks. It just a bad night.

Later I came home and talked to Yuka. I went to bed early, so that I wouldn't be tired today.
I still don't know if we are going to Florence Days tonight or tomorrow. Oh well... Either way I need to make a car payment before I do anything.

Oh yeah.... I forgot..... Seika is in Chicago right now.


Anonymous yuka said...

hey craig!
I am so glad that you stared to keep your blog again!!
I had fun in this weekend...even though the Florence fair was closed.
But now we are ready for X-men III, right?! hehehe...
Did you like the ice cream at cold stone??
talk to you later!!

10:52 PM  

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