Saturday, January 28, 2006

Another week and still no job

I went to another interview this week. It went well, but I turned down the job. It was too much like a pyramid scheme to bother with it. However, I did like the company, and it seems like they do good things. If I ever have money to invest, I might look into them further.

I also did not get the job at UNO. I expected it, so I am not so upset. I have applied for 2 other positions at school, and Ivory (from the International Office) left me a message to call him. Hopefully he has heard of a new position opening up.

I was also promoted to bartender at Grisanti's, so I am making a lot more money. I hope a new job turns up. I will keep trying. ;-)

Yesterday I had a party at my apartment. A bunch of people came, and it was a lot of fun. Tomorrow Yuka and I are going to a party for my work. I am excited.


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