Sunday, December 25, 2005

Hello everybody!!!!

Recently I have done nothing except work and stay at home. Everybody is away for the holidays, so i am bored. I didn't even go out on Friday. I just rented a couple of movies, 40 Year Old Virgin and Serenity. They were interesting. I also rented a game. It is kind of fun. On Wednesday I was chatting with Yuka, and her sister came home. I started chatting with her. She is really funny, and I was impressed with her Japanese. She knows more kanji than I do, and she is only 7 years old. kusoooo!!

Last night I worked and went to my parents' house for Christmas. My parents, one of my brothers, and my grandma were there. We opened presents, and I got a book, a gift certificate to Best Buy, and some other stuff. It was a good Christmas. They liked my gifts. Seika-san wrapped all of them. She was worried about my mothers gift because it is a wierd shape, but she did a good job. Seika-san said that she was sooo worried about wrapping the gift that she had dreams about it. hehe.

Tonight I will pick Michi up from the airport, and we might have a party. If not, I will go see a movie, Memoires of a Geisha, with Naoko and Seika-san.

There is also a mouse in my apartment. Seika-san will buy traps tonight.


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