Monday, November 07, 2005

Kind of drunk.....

Now I am a little drunk. I wasn't going to drink tonight, but I was working and it was really slow. About 9:30 my boss closed the restaurant and poured us a couple of beers. I was drinking with Laura and Kris. They are both really cool people. We drank for a while and then me manager poured us some shots. Then we finished cleaning and left. I was standing in the parking lot with Laura and Kris and some of the cooks showed up. They were drinking and gave us some beer. It was kind of hard to speak spanish to them. I kept trying to talk in japanese. So now I am drunk.

Tomorrow I have a test. I think I will do really bad. I haven''t studied at all, and the material is kind of difficult. Oh well, I have received "A's" on all of my previous tests, and I should get an "A" on the final. It should all even out. Maybe I will wake up early tomorrow and study.


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