Thursday, October 20, 2005

I Had a Test Today

I think that I did really bad on a test today. At 5:40 I had a test in Japanese Politics class. The class is kind of boring. I think the teacher is going to retire soon, so he doesnt really care about the class. He just stands in front and talks about himself. I think the class is really boring because I know everything, already. Today I had a test, and I think i did really bad. The test constisted of 2 essay questions, and was supposed to finish at 6:30. I started the first question, and I was really happy because the questions were easy. I finishedthe first half of the first question and stretched. Then I looked at the clock and it said 6:15. Oh no, I only had 15 minutes to finish the first question and answer the second question. I dont think I did well. It's ok. I dont care.

Seika-san was kind of mad at me. I guess that she reads my blog sometimes. hehehe. You should read what I said about her last time. lol. I dont know who her boyfreind is. It is a big mystery. Sometimes she calls him "Mike-san" and sometimes "Mark-san". I dont think Mark-san is correct, but I don't know if Mike-san is, either. She is so wierd. I will have to do an investigation. hehe

Anyways, I think she is depressed, so I will be nice to her for a while.


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