Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Trying to Recover from Computer Probs.....

I already said that I had computer problems last night. Now I will try to re-tell most things that got erased.

On Sunday I worked and studied. That was about it, but on Monday, I just worked. At the restaurant, Shige and Sanae came in to eat. One of my friends knows that I am friends with Japanese people, and she said "of course you know the only asian people in the restaurant." She was trying to make fun of me, so I told her "well.... at least i dont have a big nose." (she really does) She got really pissed. hehe

Anyways, on Saturday, I came home from work and Seika-san was sleeping on the couch. I started watching TV, and suddenly there was a really bad smell. Seika was farting in her sleep. Kusakatta!!!! I couldnt believe it.

Today I worked and studied. I also went to Chili's to eat. I used to work there and havent been back for a long time. It was kind of nice. I saw some of my old friends. They might meet me at the bar on Friday. yay.

OK. I have to go now. This wasnt as funny (or long) as the original, but i hope it was still entertaining.


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