Monday, October 10, 2005

Hello everybody....

Aparently when I was drunk on Friday night, I wrote some stuff that I shouldn't have. I apologize to everyone concerned, and I have deleted the things I said. Sorry everyone!!!

I still have a test tomorrow (today, actually....). I think I should wake up early and study. Maybe I will. The things I do and the things i should do are often different. hehehe. Right now Sieka is talking to me, non-stop. She talks a lot. I only listen to her half the time. She LOVES to talk. SOoooooooooo much. Sometimes she is funny. At night she always wears PJs. She is the only older person I know who wears PJs. She also wears a wine colored robe. Kind of like obachan.

Today I was really busy. I went to school in the morning then I worked at both jobs. I finished working at the restaurant at about 11. Then I hung out with Jen (my boss) and Laura (my co-worker). Jen let us drink a couple of beers, and then I went home.

OK, I will go to be now.

No quotes tonight. Sorry


Anonymous yukkkka said...

hey Craig!
Keep up your've been a lazy or what???--hehehe!!

11:28 PM  

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