Saturday, October 29, 2005

After the party

Last night I had a Holloween Party. It was a lost of fun, and I dressed up as white trash. Lots of people came, including Mike-san. I was suprized. I just found out he was in North Korea, but now he's back. He dressed up as a Taliban, which was really funny. It was actually the same costume as last year, but now he had a real fake beard (I think he looks like one of the muppets, though). Tsubasa dressed up as a cat-girl He is really a guy, and no that is NOT his picture below. Yuka and him changed costumes. If you want to see those and more pics, click on my photos link below.

I guess mike-san has his own blog, so hopefully I will add a link soon. Unfortunately I am kind of lazy, so it might be a while.

Today I worked. It was kind of busy, but nothing went right. I made a little money, but it kind of sucked. Oh well, I will cheer up.

Dont forget to set your clocks back tonight!!!


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