Sunday, October 30, 2005

Worked out today, finally

Today I worked out. Last week I was feeling kind of sick, so I wasn't able to. I think the week before I was pretty busy and missed a day. I was suprized that I was still able to do everything. Usually when I start working out after a long absence, I have to take it easy. Today wasnt too bad, though.

Earlier today I went to work. It was kind of busy, but everything went well. I made a little bit of money, so that was good. Last night the clocks changed, so the whole day I felt strange. Oh well. Before I went to work, Seika-san came home. She went to a holloween party last night, and didn't come back until 10 A.M. She was still wearing her costume. I made fun of her because the costume was sexy and her hair was reallllllly messed up. hehe. Now I think she is working.

I am kind of sad. I didn't see Yuka yesterday, and she didn't want to hang out today. I wont see her tomorrow, either; and on tuesday she has class until after 7. Oh well.

Has anyone heard of I am a member, and its kind of cool. I think lots of UNO students are members.

Anyways, Tina's birthday was on thursday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TINA!!!!!!! I hope you are having fun in Colorado!


Anonymous pumpkin said...

Hey,Craig! You finally restarted exercise! I'm glad to know it! i look forward to seeing you without BEER-stomach!!!hehehe

2:26 PM  
Blogger c_note56 said...

Sorry, I don't think my beer-belly is going anywhere. hehe

10:35 PM  
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