Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Lots and lots and lots of schoolwork

I have been really busy for the past few days. I have a test on thursday that I have been studying for. I also have a test next week and two papers. Yesterday I had work all day. At the restaurant, I made soooo many mistakes. No one was mad, and no food was late, so it was ok. I usually don't make very many mistakes, but yesterday I couldn't stop. I think it was because everyone else was too slow, so I took other people's tables as well as my own. I made a little money, though.

I also worked out yesterday. Mostly just running, but it was nice. Today my legs were tired, but I worked out again (lifting). Hopefully I will be able to get back into shape. I also went to Boarders and studied for about 3 hours. Later, Yuka and I went to Chili's to eat. I had a blue-cheese burger, and Yuka had lettuce wraps. It was tastey.

Ayumi e-mailed me the other day, too. yay!!! She is doing good, but I don't think she likes her job. I feel the same way, usually.

I have to go now


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