Saturday, November 12, 2005

Now I'm Watching "Iron Monkey"

Today I worked. It was kind of busy, but not too bad. I also picked up some food from Wendy's and cleaned my apartment. Now I am kind of tired, but I am watching Iron Monkey. It is a great kung-fu movie. Really fake, but really good. The stunts are amazing.

Yesterday was not very fun. I worked in the morning, then later, Yuka and I went to my parents' house. I found a bunch of old pictures and brought them home. I also found a space heater for Seika. I hope it works. Later we went to Village Point. I planned on eating, then watching a movie. After that, I was hoping to drink at the Kona Grill. Unfortunately, we arrived too late for the movie, so we just ate at Tin Star. It was really good, but I couldn't finish the meal. After that, Yuka and I went to Best Buy. I bought the new disk of Gantz. After that, we went to Kona Grill, but it was too busy. There were no seats availible, and there were too many people standing at the bar. We left to go to the piano bar. It was really busy there, too. We couldn't get in to the piano room, so we just sat in the main bar and drank. Yuka was really drunk, so we went home early.


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