Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Kusoooo!!! It's F*cking snowing...

I haven't done very much in the past few days. On Sunday, I went to work. I was really tired when I came home, so I took a nap. Afterwards, I went to the library and studied. Monday, I went to class, and then to work. When I finished, I came home and washed clothes. Somebody was using the dryer, so I couldn't dry my laundry. Later, I went to my other job (at the restaurant). It was pretty slow, but Mr. Grisanti (he's an ass) was coming the next day. We had to clean EVERYthing. After we closed, Jen let us drink. Laura and I drank a few beers, and then we found our employee files. I guess I was written up a while ago. I never knew it. hehe.

When I was leaving, I noticed that Yuka had called me. She was really depressed because her roommate is moving out (...I hope it's ok to write this, Yuka...). Now she needs to find a new one. I don't think it will be too hard.

Today, I woke up really late for class. I heard Yukari's voice in my apartment, so I thought maybe Seika-san had the day off. I put on clothes and left my room. When I was walking to the kitchen, she turned around and screamed. It scared me, so I screamed, too. hehe. I guess Seika-san had locked her keys in her car. hehe. She always does that... I was late to class, so I skipped. I went to my second class, and it was kind of interesting.

Ok...talk to u later


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