Monday, January 23, 2006

Finished my interview

Today I finally took my first interview. It was good, but I don't think I will get the job. The interviewer said that about 50 people had applied for the position, so I think there is not much of a chance. The typing test went well. The lady who gave me the test said that the office was looking for accuracy over speed. I took the test twice, and the first time I made 5 mistakes and typed about 33 wpm. The second time I made 0 mistakes and a speed of 35 wpm. A different person interviewed me and told me the office was probably looking for someone with a speed of 40 or 50. Oh well... She also told me to apply for another position that is offered. I have already applied for that one, so hopefully....

I also helped Naoko fill out an application. I think the company she is applying for should hire me. I have written almost everything by myself: application, essay questions, resume. I even helped her research the company and prepared her for the interview. She really annoys me. She can't do anything by herself, and asks me for help with everything. Then she just makes fun of everything. She is very self-centered and I don't think anyone realizes it.

Today I also recieved a call from a representative of Citigroup Financial. He does hiring for the firm, and he said that there are several positions open. I will interview with them on Wednesday, and after, there is a tour of their facilities. It is a fairly big company, and I think it would be interesting to work there.


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