Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I am starting to work out again

Today was a long day at work. They needed someone to close the restaurant, and I didn't have anything else to do, so I volunteered. I made a lot of money, so everything worked out in the end. I also chatted with Yuka, but she seemed very distracted or busy. I can't wait until she gets back. Only about a week left. I also watched Lost, which is a great TV show. It was an episode that I haven't seen before, and I think there will be a special in about two weeks. I'm excited (god my life is boring, lol). Today I worked out again. I need to keep doing it, and lose my beer-belly. I am also trying to quit smoking.

Seika and Naoko were watching a Japanese drama. They cried so many times that I lost count. hehe. I wasn't really paying attention, but it looked interesting.

Tomorrow I will work in the morning. I am planning on going to Kohl's buying a new tie. My work one is getting really dirty. Hopefully I will also stop at the bank. I need to deposit a bunch of money.


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