Monday, May 22, 2006

Cats -- The Other, Other White Meat

Interesting, interesting weekend. On Friday, I worked during the day, then I picked Yuka up. We went to the bank to make a car payment (mine, not hers), and then to my apartment. I started to get really tired, so I took a nap. I really wasn't planning to, but I did anyway. We woke up kind of late, and we were going to the Florence Days Celebration, but Yuka and I decided to go to Korea King, instead. I had a bulgogi, which was really tasty, and Yuka ordered a spicy soup. I think it was too hot for her because she couldn't finish it. Afterwards we went to Yuka's apartment and hung out until Sumii-san called. A bunch of people were drinking at her place so we went. I guess there has been a bunch of drama going around about a couple of people (can't say their names & don't know exactly), and Sumii-san was kind of worked up. Yuka and I stayed just long enough to drink a couple of beers and tease Sumii-san for being sooooo short. Then we headed for home. At my apartment, we drank a couple of more beers and fell asleep.

Saturday: I woke up early and started laundry. Yuka was still sleeping, so I was going to surprise her with bagels. Unfortunately she woke up while I was getting ready, and I couldn't really leave without telling her. Not a surprise anymore.... but the bagels were good. After my clothes were finished washing and drying, we watched "X-Men 1" to get ready for the new movie coning this week. After it was finished we went to StarBucks for frostys (tasty!!) and then picked Takashi up. Our plan was to go to my parent's house, pick up some stuff, then walk to the festival. Yuka, Takashi, and I walked down the giant hill to the Celebration, only to find out it was closed. Apparently there was a fight between the Carnies and some gang members. It sounds kind of funny, doesn't it? The police shut everything down, and lots of people were really upset. The three of us were kind of bummed, and even more unhappy that we had to walk back up the giant hill.... Yuka had to rest on the way up (hehe). All of us returned to my apartment and drank beer again!! I took everyone back the their places, and came back to my own.

Sunday morning I worked at the restaurant. It was not very busy, but I had a lot of large parties. I made a little money, and went home. I cleaned my apartment (amazing how dirty it gets in only a couple of days!), and called Yuka. Everyone was at Coldstone, so I joined them and ate delicious ice cream. Later, we went to my apartment, and watched X-Men 2. I hope the third is as good as the first 2. Actually, it looks even better. This was a long update, and I am really tired. I will get back to everyone later......


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Craig! Long time no see!!
How are you doing? At last you start blog again!? Yeah!!!
I am reading your blog everyday(almost), so just keep doing, OK?
Talk to you later;)


5:52 AM  
Blogger c_note56 said...

I'm really glad that you're reading this. I hope it makes you laugh!!!

10:36 AM  

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