Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Livin' La Vida Loca

I didn't do much yesterday, and I think I will do even less today. Yesterday, I worked until about 4:45, then picked Yuka up from her work. We went to Best Buy to pick up the new "Deadwood" DVD. It's season 2 in the town from hell. Everybody has an angle in the show, they all want something. I also like the way they talk: it's like modern Shakespeare, with a ton of cussing. After I bought that ($65 - down from $100), we went to my apartment. I watched the DVD, but Yuka fell asleep. Later I made tacos - really good - and then watched some more TV until it was late. That's really about it.... but I was able to take some time off later this summer so I can go to the cabin (let me know if anyone wants to go!!). I think my life will be uneventful until Friday!!


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