Friday, June 02, 2006

Tastes more like regular Dr. Pepper...

Whats doin', folks? Work is really slow right now, so I thought I'd add another update to the strange and mysterious story that is my life. Yesterday, I didn't do anything fun. I worked during the day, then went home. I slept for about 20 minutes, but then I needed to go to my other job. Worked there until about 10 and came home.

I guess that a bunch of stuff happened last night after the limo ride. Here is what I heard: Everyone went to a party at Kassie's apartment, but Chad and Shawn (roommates) went home to sleep. Later that night, people thought to go to Chad's apartment to wake him up, but when they got there, the door was unlocked. They played a joke on them because they were sleeping and covered everything in plastic-wrap. EVERYTHING!!! That's really funny. I guess a little later, a neighbor called the cops, and they showed up. Then the police talked to the apartment company, and Chad and Shawn are getting kicked out. That sucks, but they don't care much. They want to get a house anyway.

Later today I am going swimming, I hope!! Yay!! After that, I have no plans. If anyone wants to do anything, please call me!


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