Thursday, June 01, 2006

Havin Fun in the Sun

Today I get to ride a limo! I am kind of excited... At the restaurant, we have had a contest for the past couple of months, and my team won. The restaurant is paying for a limo to take the team out for a night on the town. It should be great, but I will probably leave early. I need to sleep, so I can go to work in the morning.

Yesterday, I worked... I thought that it would be busy, but I ended up being bored. After work, I picked Yuka up from her job and went home. We hung out for a little bit (Yuka fell asleep!!) and then went shopping. We came home and made dinner, something called "picadillo." It was good, but kind of strange. The ingredients are: beef, onion, jalapeno, garlic, green olives, apple, raisins, cinnamon and more!! Very strange combination, but it ended up ok. I also added some limes because the taste ended up being kind of plain. It still wasn't enough, though. The dish still needed more flavor.

Ok. I have to go now. I'll see everyone later.......


Anonymous yuka said...

hey Craig tan,
Yeap! It was fun to make "picadillo" with you!
but we better find some flavor for!

11:48 PM  

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