Thursday, July 06, 2006

My leg is really stiff (Yuka's fault for kickin' my a$$)

I am soooo full. Yesterday I didn't eat anything, except 3 tiny hamburgers. All day... When I finished work at night, I was realy hungry, but the feeling went away after I got home. This morning I was soooo hungry by 10:30 that I bought a sandwich (egg-salad) from the convenience store, and had lunch early. At about noon, my boss showed up. She brought salads for everyone. Two giant coolers full of lettuce, spinach, dressing, and about 20 different toppings. I ate 2 gigantic plates full. Then at 1:00, I played raquette ball with Yuka. She is getting really good, and now my calf muscle is completely stiff. It feels like it might break open like an egg.

Yesterday I didn't do much, except work. I finished at the restaurant kind of late - after 10, then came home. I went to bed kind of late - after 11, and now I am really tired. I made pretty good money, though. Today I work all day, again. Hopefully I will make the same amount (or finish early......).

Kana will be here at about 2:00 tomorrow....


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