Monday, June 26, 2006

Tired from the busy weekend

Hidey-Ho, Everybody........

Well ..... I had a long weekend, but it was fun. First I left work early to get presents ready for Yuka, but on the way to my car, I noticed my plates were expired. I went to the DMV, but I realized that I didn't have my checkbook with me. I stopped at home, picked it up, then I waited in line for about an hour. Afterwards I got everythig ready and went to Yuka's apartment at about 7:30. We opened presents -- I gave her a necklace, jewelrybox, and photo frame / album. She really liked it, I think. She gave me a grill and two bars for my tongue pierce. Later, we went to Shag with Sumii-san and her friend, Iku. When we left the bar, everyone wanted to go to Adult Emporium, so we took a trip to Council Bluffs. I bought a magazine and a DVD.

On Saturday, I had a big day planned, but first I needed to do laundry and clean my apartment. Yuka came with me, and we ended up playing tennis for over an hour (I won!!!!). When it was starting to get late, we headed back to her apartment where I cooked us some dinner. It was a mean dish of chicken scalopini-marsala. Tasted great, and Yuka made the side dishes. After that, I suprized her by taking her to the Melting Pot for dessert. It is soooooo good, but tooooo much chocolate. We ate so much that we could hardly move. We were planning on going either dancing or to a comedy show, but we were too full to do anything, so we went home and watched a movie on TV. It was kind of relaxing.

The next day we decided to have a BBQ and try out the new grill. In the morning we returned to my apartment and put the grill together. It wasn't too difficult, but it still took about 45 minutes. After that, we headed to my parents house, then to both of my grandmothers' places. I haven't seen either of them for a long time, so it was good to go. One of my grandmas thought that Yuka was Miwa (my ex). She kept saying something like "Oh, you haven't changed one bit" and "You look like you never left". It was kind of funny but I felt bad for Yuka. After that I went shopping for the BBQ party and spent almost $100 on food and gas for the grill. We came home, and cleaned up and rested a little, then started getting ready. Everyone started arriving around 7:45. I thought there would only be a few people, maybe four, but people just kept showing up. By the end, Yuka, Sumii-san, Iku, Mason, Chie, Yon, Ambry and her friend, Fumi, Ichiro, and Genki-kun all showed up. Most people wouldn't leave until after midnight when I finally kicked them out.

Now I am kind of tired, but I kind of want to play tennis. It sounds fun right now, but we shall see how I am feeling after work.


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