Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sleepy.... and for no reason this time....

Today I am kind of sleepy, and I don't know why. Yesterday I was kind of busy, but I went to bed early - about 10:00. I think I am tired because it is boring here at work. Oh well.... I am taking lunch early and I should be busy afterwards.

Yesterday I worked in the morning, after about 5 hours of sleep. I wasn't very tired during the day, but by nighttime I was. After work, I picked Yuka up from her job and went to my apartment. We hung out for a little and then we played tennis. She is getting really good. I am glad we don't keep score because I think I might lose. Afterwards we went to Camille's and ate some wraps. They were ok, and the place has kind of a nice, chill atmosphere. I took Yuka home and went back my my apartment where I watched the Batman Begins movie for about an hour. Then I fell asleep.

Today, I don't know what I will do, but hopefully it will be fun. Until then, take a look at the picture I found......


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