Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Back to work after a relaxing day!

I took the day off, yesterday, because I wasn't feeling well. ;-) I slept-in until about 10:00 in the morning, then I felt bad for not doing anything. I got up, took a shower, and ate breakfast. After my toast, I decided to clean my apartment. I cleaned everything in the kitchen and living room, including the floors. After that I ironed all of my clothes and picked up my bedroom. At about 2:00 I went to Yuka's apartment. We were planning on seeing a movie, so we went to AMC. We saw Pirates of the Caribean! It was pretty good, but I still like the first better. Later I took Yuka to a park (it was really hot!!) then dropped her off at Chie's place. After that, I just went home.

Last night when I was sleeping, I had the strangest dream. I cant remember it all, but I will explain what I do remember: I first dreamed that I was hanging out with Take-sensei (WTF!!??) and she needed to go to Japan. So we went (for some reason there was no plane ride... we just needed to go, and we were there). The first place I see in Japan is the kaikan, my old dorm, only this time it was all changed. The walls and floor were still old and dirty, but they had a bunch of new stuff. It seemed more like a resort than dorms. There was even a couple of tanning beds. Then I saw Mike-san, which I thought was a huge coincidence because he was there with me last time, and neither of us knew we were going to Japan. For some reason I needed to (or decided to) stay in the country for a long time. Oh yeah, ... Shinsaku was there, too.

That's all I really remember, but it was still strange. I think I might go to the strip club with the double Yukas this weekend. It should be fun.


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