Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tina, this one's for you....

I finished my second day of school, and everything was alright. Heath is in one of my classes, and Tina is, too. yay! Tina is a very "energetic" Taiwanese girl that I have been friends with for a long time. She is a really fun person. She said that she read my blog and was pissed because there were no pictures of her. Well....I don't have any pictures of you!!!! Send me some, and i will post them.

Anyways, I went to eat with my friends Kotaro, Aya, and Yuka at Ruby Tuesday's. It was pretty good. I had a burger and a beer.

I am excited. My friend Yoko should be in town tonight!!! I hope we can go out this weekend to the bars. If you read this, Yoko, call me!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha Craig....thanksss....that's so nice of you, sorry that i didn't read this till now...here is the pic, enjoy....have a good week, see you on Tuesday....

1:40 PM  

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