Monday, August 22, 2005

First Day of School

The first day of school was ok. I only had one class, Management, and we finished early. I think it should be an easy class, but there is a difficult paper due at the end of the semester. I should do ok.

After that I went to work in my office. It started off as a normal day, but then it all went to hell. I had about an hour left and Lori asked me to take and international student to get an ID and a book. He took forever, so i was late coming back. Then my boss told me that she needed copies made and a file to take to another building. I tried to use the copy room, but it was being used. So i went to another room, and tried to use the teacher's copier. The first page I copied got stuck, and no one could fix it. I was already running late, so i went back to my copier. I finally copied the pages, and went to the Eppley Building. I had to go back to my office, and i finished really late. Then the shuttle bus was running late.

I went home and tried to get a hold of my future roommate, but she was working. She has papers that i needed. I had to go to my other job, and luckily everything went ok from there. I eventually went over to Seika's apartment and got the papers.

Everything turned out ok in the end.


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