Sunday, August 21, 2005

School Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the first day of the semester. I am kind of excited because it is my last. I will graduate in december (if I pass all of my classes, lol). I only have one class tomorrow, and it starts at 11:30. The class is management, and it is the second time I have taken it. The first time I was forced to drop because the teacher has a very unorthodox teaching style. This was the first and only class I have ever dropped, and the only class I would not have gotten at least a "B".

I am also taking Intro to International Economics, Politics of Japan and China, and International Marketing. My major is International Studies with a focus on Business. A couple of years ago I recieved a scholarship and went to Japan. I studied there for 6 months, and hope to go back eventually. I might go after I graduate and teach english for a year or two, or i will stay here and find a job.


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